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Fine art photo print

Alster I

This motif shows a panoramic view of the Alster Lake in Hamburg, Germany. The photo was taken on a bright, sunny day. The unusually smooth appearance of the water is due to the fact that just underneath the surface there is a massive layer of ice which had formed during the previous weeks. Due to a sudden rise in temperatures, only the very top layer had melted, creating this effect.

Available in the size of your choice
Free shipping in Germany

Sizes & Framing Options

Available in different sizes and many framing options, for example

  • photo prints with alu di-bond backing under acrylic glass

  • prints on metal like alu dibond or brushed aluminium

  • solid wood framing

  • floating frames

  • artbox or shadow framing

  • Diptychon and triptychons are also possible

All my prints are produced by WHITEWALL, one of the leading photo laboratories in the world. 


Whitewall combines state-of-the-art technologies with traditional development methods. Partnering with their expertise means each and every motif is turned into a finished work which fits the wishes the collector down to the last detail: award-winning gallery quality based on premium substrates, high-quality laminations and handcrafted manufacture frames.

Pricing Examples

Pricing of the art works is by nature linked to the chosen size and the materials which will be used. Here are some examples only!

I will assist you in finding the perfect size & finish for your space.

Photo print under acrylic glass

105 x 70 cm

€ 1.180,00

180 x 120 cm

€ 3.560,00

Direct print on aluminium dibond

105 x 70 cm

€ 1.155,00

180 x 120 cm

€ 3.605,00

Floater Frame

105 x 70 cm

€ 1.200,00

180 x 120 cm

€ 3.100,00

Solid Wood Art Box

105 x 70 cm

€ 1.260,00

180 x 120 cm

€ 2.940,00

Art Consulting

​Contact me directly for a personal consultation.


I will pay you a visit, or we meet online. We look at the space you have together and I will assist you in finding the most beautiful solution for your wall space.​

Mobile: +49 176323 11 805


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